An all round design

Creating a visual identity is more that just designing a logo. Images, type fonts, spacing, colors are all elements that are at our disposal. Its not just the logo that gets seen, it is the full image.


Classic advertising in papers and magazines (print) or online with banners, is a technique to reach out to your target audience. Each outing standing on its own, always differently sized than the other advertisements. making it at times hard to get a similar image across and still stand out in the crowd.

A campaign evolves and reaches the world

Designing an advertisement and then applying this design in all needed sizes, different languages and een typefonts can be a true challenge. Over time in sights change or preferences change resulting in a change of the campaign, but maintaining the image that needs to be communicated.

Online campagining

To generate traffic or leads using multiple media to run an advertising campaign is a proven technique to repeat messages towards the target audience.

Folders and signs

Signage along a road, folders for a show, brochures to be send at request. Some services or products are best supported in the sales with printed media like: folders, leaflets, brochures, posters, signs and so on.

A pawsitive flyer

The great thing with printed items is that you can easily spread them door-to-door or give them directly to an interested client.

A large sign

Signs on a building or any place along the road can attract attention of a potentially interested driver. A medium to use for a special offer or to make your shop location known.

A large sign to be placed on a fence just outside a marina area where the shop is located.

A folder to give away

A small giveaway with important info that will help the potential customer to decide. By handing a folder as they have an interest will increase chances for them to contact you or visit your website. Key is ‘if the really have an interest’.

A folder to give away for an organization that test intelligence, review personalities and offers coaching and counselling

Another mental coach requested the design of this give away folder.

Roll-up or banner for the show

Roll ups or banners are great to make yourself seen on a show, for instance with a special show-offer. The roll-up banner is easy to replace for next year and relatively low cost.

A design for a roll banner to be used on a dive show.

A brochure to show all possible services

Folders and brochures are great give-aways or something to send by post creating another chance to sell.


Floorpans not only help your agent or tour operator understand the layout, but is also of interest of your guest as they like to book a trip on your luxury yacht. And a great way to show escape routes on board, by hanging them in every cabin.

By setting up a animated gif, the floorpans can be used as an eye catcher online.


The main aim of most companies is to make a profit by selling merchandise to the end-user. But don’t forget that this product also promotes your company name or service and should reflect who you are as a company or the image that you would like to paint of your service.

Types of

Basically any product can be used as a form of merchandise. depending on the product different techniques can be used to add graphics, like your logo, to the product. Think of:

T-shirts, beanie hats, hoodies, pens, placemats, drink king cups, caps…

Visualize your vision

The request for designs can be as simple as that you need one, or according to a a specified briefing.

Customized designs

For an online T-Shirt shop a series of graphics were developed to create a flexible design for their customer to buy. Prints can vary per shirt and per color.

T-Shirts for trips

Making the shirt into par5t of the memory is a way of interesting your customers to buying one of your great shirts. Especially if the represent a graphic in a special way.

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