Illustrations & Sketches

As part of a graphic design, used on websites, to illustrate, demonstrate, explain or promote any service, product to just for fun. I love making illustrations.

A new yacht

Sometimes you need to show what is not ready for showing just yet. Take for instance this yacht, while she was still in dry dock it was time to start marketing trips, hence a proper picture was needed. In this case an illustration of the yacht based upon the dry dock picture.

Drydock MY FalconVisualisations MY Falcon

3D illustrations

To pitch a new product line, to design furniture or to show designs on a product. 3D illustrations offer a large variety in options.

Mapping a road to succes

Based upon experience we develop these maps to explain to guests how to best make this dive, where interesting places are, what dangers are around and so on. A good illustration adds to the experience and clears up what is expected.

To demonstrate

Some things are best explained using compact illustrations like these. In this case a series used in briefings to explain the use of a zodiac in diving activities.


As any child I loved to make drawings, but the subject that caught my eye mostly was actually human eyes. They fascinated me and actually still do. From the eyes that I learned to draw I was seeking a new challenge and found the nose. And step by step I got into making pencil portraits and preferably on handmade paper to complete the challenge.

A memory of love

Portraying a lost loved one is a hard job, as the family that was left behind has a certain memory of them that they seek. Using different techniques, multiple pensils and multiple examples.

Unfortunately a father passed before his time, leaving an Italian mom one with her kids. As she wanted to keep the memory of her love alive she took het last money and travelled to Milan to seek an artist to make a portrait of het late husband. the artist of het choice created something that did not portrait the memory of the late husband end the mom was devastated. Ten year ahead in time I meet the daughter and hear about this sad story. And although it had been a decade since the last drawing, I bough some handmade paper 950x70cm) and gave it ago.

(use the slide to switch between the original picture and the sketch)

A matter of layers

Making a portrait to me is an amazing job of making shadows in shadows in shadows… Each layer darker then the one before, using a different pencil.

Picture of YardaA portrait in the making of Yarda
For a friend I started this portrait of her horse Yarda. The sketch shows how the nose is fully developed, white the top of the head is barely there.

(Use the slide to see both images)

Less = more

Sometimes smudges that are very real in a picture are nothing but disturbing and misunderstood in a sketch. In that case some retouche will be applied in the portrait to keep the skits as real looking as possible.

Original of a young lady for a dear friendPortrait of a young lady for a dear friend
As I started this anniversary gift, I realized that the dirty face of the girl will appear un-real if I try to recreate it in the sketch, therefore ignoring them. And by doing so I recreated the cheeks using my imagination creating a Less = More realistic image.

(You want to see more of one of these two pictures? Than use the slide in the center of them)

It is not as it was

Sometimes you seek artistic freedom to add onto what pictures show us. Think of a combination of subject that in real life where not photographed together.

All those who have kids know that as they are young its quite impossible to get them both looking good in the picture. So why not recreate a picture that will form the inspiration for the portrait? In this care the image of the family was completely recreated out of 6 different pictures, before I stared on the sketch.

(to change what you see, use the slide in the center of the two pictures)

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