Basically nothing more than market products and services that your potential customers desire. A strong concept that focusses on what the market desires instead of what you prefer to sell.

From strategy to execution

What is the goal? Imago improvement or entering a new market or expanding on a current market or diminish competition or developing different products in different selling & marketing stages or goodwill or you need updated graphics or just plain fun?

Strategy starts with a goal so that we can aim our efforts to be effective dive and measurable. Knowledge of the market, who are the players and competition and what are common practices? This is the next step and can be developed by research or the knowledge that we both have.

Based upon the goal, shared knowledge, research and common marketing sense a vision can be developed. A concept of how to launch a product or business, what media to use, how to generate leads or sales and how we measure the desired and undesired results. These results will be the input to moderate campaigns to improve efficiency.

All my projects start with these basic questions and help me develop what is needed and create a balanced consistency of all media-forms needed to reach the set goal. I can arrange for all, just the development, or teach you how to set it up. I believe that by sharing we are stronger, so if you just need help with setting up or help with only the design of an advertisement, for me anything is possible.

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