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Video captures a mood, movement, sense of space et cetera. Videos capture so much more than a picture and help the viewer to get a better sense of what we want to show. And that makes video an ideal medium to teach, introduce a product or service, give instructions or promote any idea that can be visualized.

Here a selection of my videos. From boat presentations, to trip movies or a special on an animal. Interested to see more, feel free to check my YouTube.


As a lover of the underwater world and professional dive guide and cruise director I get many opportunities to document the underwater wildlife. A chance to video special behavior, species, environment that I can use online as a professional diver to show my expertise and knowledge.

Making small documentaries to teach about certain species, special behavior and the beauty of Mother Nature.

Living in the seas of Raja Ampat, here the weedy pygmy seahorse known as Pontohi… enjoy

We had this awesome dIve the other day on Cocoa Thila here in the Maldives. This honestly is an amazing site that any dives should go to. Be prepared though, currents can be ripping. Anyway, as we made this dive, this lovely eagle came to hang with me, absolutely mind-blowing! =

Present your product or service or company

Video is a medium that lots of people prefer to use. And for company its it gives an excellent chance to present a product or to give user instructions.

MY Blue Voyager, A Liveaboard in the Maldives specialized in diving holidays.
The presentation of the in 2021 released yacht M/Y Neo


In the world of social media we all show the awesome things we do in life and share pictures and videos. A common habit that companies can use to reach their niche markets.

What great way to escape the world for a few days and go on an overnight desert safari. The beauty of the desert amazed me.

Our last dive was on Blue Magic in the North of Raja Ampat. Now we know this to be an OCEANIC MANTA CLEANING STATION. However we had not seen the likes of this 😉

To instruct or to teach

The best way to show people how things are done is by showing a video and for instance posting it on Facebook or YouTube. ‘How to..?’ is commonly searched on YouTube, the biggest search engine in the world. And what greater way to find online potential customers who are in need of information, instruction or help?

Have you ever had the Maldivian spicy fish for breakfast? Here is the recipy by our fab chef.

Want to try the Mashuni? Than you need some flat bread 😉 Here is the recipy…

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