Websites & Social Media

A world without Internet, Facebook, Instagram and all those other social medias is unthinkable. People and companies spend a lot of time online and therefor a great online presence is important.

Web-design for a famous ensemble

Web design can be done in a variety of levels. Starting from small elements for the website, to use of templates specified to your demands, until full graphic designs and build.

A blog for a golf-pro

A blog is a specific type of website that allows posting of articles, using tags. Basically it is a news website and easily set up. A great way to keep in touch with your peers.

Blogging is a great way to stay I touch with your peers.

A site reaches further

A business is geographically limited due to its location, however in some cases potential customers are willing to go the extra mile for a special product or service that is hard to get in their own area. Reason to set up a website, optimized so that potential customers can actually find the business that they are looking for, namely your business.

SEO, SEA, SM campaigns and training

Optimizing your website for Google? You need to advertise online in Google or Facebook? Looking for a way to improve your presentation in Facebook and generating more leads?

A series of workshops where you learn to optimize your own website.

Optimisation to generate more leads or more sales is an ongoing process. A process that you can hire a pro for or can do yourself. Optimisation is actually not very hard to do, it is a matter of knowing the basics and keeping posted on the latest developments. And that you can be trained for.

Yes of course full time pros do know more tricks, but they do not have your dedication. So why not work closely together with a pro or even do it yourself under the guidance of a pro?

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