My passion for diving brought me to a point where I invested in a camera to take outdoor for a swim. This hobby evolved into pictures and videos, a chance to become columnist and a way to make part of my living. Don’t you just love having fun at your job?

Well I do, and I take loads of pictures and movies. I not only publish them online or in social media, I am published in the Dutch Diver Magazine (Duiken) and these days sell my pictures online. Here is a small selection of my growing collection.

Boats: in- and exterior

As a photographer I have a big advantage as I work as a dive guide and cruise director. I am very familiar around boats and know what our guests are looking for.

Magical Maldives

The following images were made of a vessel in the Maldives, giving a complete image of the vessel that potential guests might book for their next holiday.

A stunning new boat in the Red Sea

As the boat is newly build and in preparation of het maiden voyage with het first guests, the owner needs pictures. Images to promote this stunning yacht and of course they are needed A.S.A.P 😉

Sunsets at sea

I always feel like such a tourist as I take out my camera to shoot some of these. I am fortunate to have this opportunity more often as I work at sea. And it still amazes me how the evening sky starts with variety of colors that appear to be different everyday.The ultimate holiday feeling, the last rays of the setting sun over sea.

Island in the Maldives

There are not, any Islands left that you as a visitor can just hop onto. But until recent this was one of them in the Ari Atoll. You can walk around in 15 minutes, that is if you bimble a bit. It is just beach, some bushes and loads of crabs.

Crew gives ‘the holiday-experience’

We cannot operate without them, the boat will simply no sail, the food not served and nobody will fill your tank. But they are much more than crew, they are a very big part of the experience and for sure the reason people return to the same boat for a second trip. Hence they should be part of the promotion as they are so valuable.

Arborek Island – Indonesia

As S/Y Indo Siren was my home, the waters of Raja Ampat were my playground. A stunning island in that region is Arborek, with her awesome beaches, lovely people, a massive homestay and the best jetty to dive under. Definitely a handsome island to put on camera.

Streetview Egypt

The early morning light, abandoned streets and interesting colorful objects. I took my camera out for a walk and this is what I found here in Hurghada Egypt.

Trash it up

We consider ourselves to be pretty intelligent. However the following series makes me wonder if that is true. Unfortunately we leave a lot of trash everywhere. Here is some of the mess I found in the desert.


The two lighthouses of Big Brother Island and Daedalus reef are sitting on the far outskirt of Egypt, in the middle of the Red Sea.

Water, up and under

Do you know that fascinating reflection of the sun on the sand underwater? Mesmerizing, I can look at it for hours and can play with my camera around it even longer.

Underwater wildlife photography

Taking pictures of underwater wildlife is easier said than done. Maintaining balance while focussing on a subject that usually prefers to hide from the lens while you seek the perfect setting for your shot

Lovely challenge.

Sharks and rays

To find them you need to check the current and especially where the change in current (direction and/or speed) is the biggest. They can move fast but often showing some sort of interest in us, as long as we don’t scare them off. Personally I love hanging out with them, especially the eagle rays.

Schools of fish

How fish in a school know where the others are moving is unknown to me. What I do know it’s quite hard to get close to get some nice shots of individuals within the group. Especially if you like one or more to look straight into your lens. Something I like to do.

Lions and scorpions

Closely related and all have a nasty sting. Some like to hide in plain sight, others swim straight at you.

Sea squirts and sponges

In a variety of colors, these often tiny creatures filter the water for food. Some of them are less than 1 cm big, others run all the way to over 15 cm. And you can find them in most warms waters covering small rocks, sitting in small groups on the reef.

Star fish, urchins and dusters

I just love the feather stars and the dusters, not to speak of the urchins. I love them as I have my macro lens mounted and get a chance to shoot details that most divers don’t even look at. Some turned out quite interesting.

Shrimps and crabs

Usually they stay at a place where the current is small. Some of them are visited by other animals for their daily bath. Others search the sand and in cracks to find their food. I am talking about the amazing shrimps and crabs. And here ar some of my pictures.

Flowers of the sea

As I started underwater photography I bough myself a great camera, including several wet lenses, strobes and the sorts. Of course I wanted to try everything at the same time, but now know that will only lead to failure. The trick is step by step, try one thing and practice only that until you master it and you go onto the next. And at that time I started with the macro lens, learning my ways around objects that do not move; corals. And I was amazed at the beauty that I saw and to be honest it still amazes me. Really I love doing macro.


As I am out swimming with my camera I loose track of time and wonder away in the colors and details of hard corals, soft corals and all sorts of vegetation. A great macro lens is definitely a must have for me.

Nudies, slugs and worms

Most of them are toxic (or pretend to be) and that’s why then can afford to be colorful as any predator would think twice before taking a bite. And you would think that they are easy to spot, but that’s certainly not the case. They can stick to anything, hang upside down or hide behind a piece of coral.


Sun-rays falling into the water as you make a shallow dive brighten up your day for sure. Colors come out wonderfully, fish life seems to bimble around and capturing all that on camera just blows my mind.

Marine life, a variety

Often people ask me as a Dive Guide and Cruise Director what I like to see most under water. Well, its not so much species, although the killer whale is still on my bucket-list, but I like to have interaction.

Pygmy sea horses

The first time one was pointed out, I could not even see it as I did not know what to look at it to spot it. They are soo small, hide as much as they can to survive, but absolutely amazing. I have managed to take pictures of 3 species and would’ve to go back for more of these treasures that I saw in raja Ampat Indonesia.

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