“Anke is a passionate traffic/production coordinator who achieves a rare high level of detail in her briefing as well as in the execution, but also in her helicopter view. These two combined create a clear framework through which her work takes on a pleasant form. In addition, Anke is a charming personality. These qualities together ensure a pleasant cooperation. Even now that her work at De Heeren has changed and our contact is less intensive, a meeting is always pleasant because of the recognition of each other’s qualities.”

Managing director & Owner Graphic Minds

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Robert Bervoets

I have worked very pleasantly for several years with Anke. There was always a good cooperation during our projects. Knowledgeable, honest, direct and hard work are some characteristics Anke.

Project Secretary P&O

Geeske Hornstra

Anke is a spirited lady who knows exactly what she’s talking about and  brings her knowledge in a fun and personal manner. Anke always thinks in the interest of the customer and comes up with ‘out of the box’ ideas. Anke has the correct balance between business and personal and is a good sparring partner.

Marketing coordinator (Past @ BMW MINI dealer De Beier)

Anika Woudwijk

Anke is  a top businesswoman. She understands her profession like no other, is working hard to achieve her goals and has character. In the time that I worked with her, she gave me pointers to bring my work to a higher level. She is an expert in social media and  applies it in a manner that “your brand” needed to stand out from the rest.

Marketing executive (past @Glen Dimplex Benelux)

Monique van Vliet

Clear, no fuss, sober and pragmatic, as I describe Anke. This hands-on approach is particularly valuable. Anke gives to both clients and agencies peace and space for personal initiative and creation. In addition, Anke has clear vision of communication on-line and offline. Between all the social media gurus this is a welcome addition. Want a clear vision on communication and Internet business? Then Anke is the right person to speak to. In addition, Anke is result driven, something that’s very valuable and necessary.

Owner & co-founder @ Gotogrow


Ton de Vries

Anke Westerlaken is a person with whom I have worked comfortable with over the years. In all my photography work for DE HEEREN where Anke was working successfully. Hoping in the coming years that this continues.

Owner & co-founder Photo-press agency & media


Mustafa Gumussu

I have experienced Anke as an exceptionally skilled and motivated colleague. Anke oversees and provides structure in Anke is a passionate traffic/production coordinator, who achieves in both execution and briefing a rare high level in detail and helicopter view. These two combined create a clear framework making work for her enjoyable. In addition, Anke is an engaging personality. These properties together create a pleasant cooperation. Since her job description at De HEEREN changed our contact became less frequent. But meeting is always enjoyable because of the recognition of each others qualities.

Daan Bogaerdt