My services

With over 25 years of experience in the marketing-advertising-design business, both in offline (print) as well as online marketing, I have had the great opportunity to learn and develop a wide range of services.


Developing new products, a brand new concept or seeking a market are all marketing efforts to boost sales or concur a market. Are you a market leader or developer?

Banner online marketing

Websites & SM

Need a better ranking in Google? Would you like to have a website to manage yourself? Need bannering in Facebook? Online marketing is a tool to engage a conversation with your target audience.

Banner Graphic Design

Graphic Design

From a corporate identity and logo, to folders and leaflets or posters. As I make designs I am seeking a form that optimizes communication and speaks to your potential customer.

3D & Interior

To pitch a new product, visualize options or just show interior options for new apartments. 3D designs offer options to help you design your product or to show it to others.


Macro, wide angle, underwater or above, jut for fun, as a gift or


Adding motion and sound to a visual experience adds a level of communication that people these days prefer. Why reading an instruction manual if you can watch it on YouTube?


From a handmade portrait, to icons, instructions or just maps, illustrations offer a very wide range of options. Stop-motion videos, graphics for presentations, you name it.

My Columns

It all started in 2018 when at request I wrote an article for the Dutch diver magazine. It never ended up on the blog but was published in the magazine. And that was my first of many to follow.